ARC Check In: February ’21

I debated whether to actually do a check in for this month because my ARC situation hasn’t really changed much. Like I said in my Life Update, due to being so poorly all the time I didn’t actually get much reading done at all in February. But then I also did want to try and make this a regular thing and missing out one month will probably bug me in the future 😂

So! Here we are with this month’s check in…

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ARC Check In: January ’21

So this is a new bookish post I’m hoping to do at the end of each month. I’ll just be checking in with the current state of my ARC pile. Basically trying to keep myself organised and accountable haha. At the moment I’ve managed to keep things pretty steady so nothing is out of control yet and hopefully I can keep on top of that going forward!

It’s so hard not to just request everything though…hah…haha…

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