Life Update #1

Well it’s been almost 3 weeks since I last posted so I thought I’d do a little ‘life update’ to explain the reason behind why I disappeared with no warning haha.

So I’ve pretty much just been constantly sick for the past three weeks, just endless nausea and vomiting and I’ve not even been able to read, let alone keep on top of my blog and Instagram. I had to abandon the internet to focus on looking after myself first and I found I had so much time afterwards to do what I wanted that it really made me think I needed to change things.

Now that I’ve started feeling better, I’ve been debating over what to do going forward. I really struggled before, what with taking photos for Instagram, posting every day, reading books for review, and then writing reviews, and trying to keep on top of blog posts etc. And honestly it just all got a bit too much. There’s only so many hours in the day and I have a job that takes up most of those hours. I’ve only had my blog for two months but already I was finding I was having less and less time to actually do any reading and my tbr pile was just getting to monstrous proportions. And really, anything that cuts into my reading time needs to be changed pronto!

So basically, my plan at the moment is to focus more on my blog. I find it less time consuming and easier to manage. Instagram is so intense, you have to keep up with comments on your posts, whilst also liking/commenting on other people’s posts, trying to maintain a proper aesthetic and come up with pretty pictures and really…all I want to do is just read and then comment on the books I love. And Instagram makes that really hard. It was a lot of added pressure that I really didn’t need. I’ll definitely miss the community, everyone on there is so genuinely lovely and welcoming, but I won’t miss the stress and the anxiety when your engagement starts plummeting for no reason because of Instagram’s crappy algorithm.

I’m not sure how this is going to affect my ability to get ARCs in future. I feel like most of the time I get accepted because I’m on Instagram and my posts do fairly well most of the time. But that’s on me as well for not promoting my blog more! And, really, I need to step back a bit from ARCs and focus on all the physical books on my shelves that are still waiting to be read. (I’ve had Court of Silver Flames on my shelf for a week already and not read it yet, if that’s not evidence of someone being sick I don’t know what is 😂)

Anyway, that’s it for now! Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me so far, I hope you’ll stick with me in the future too! Also, many congrats to anyone who managed to read this long, very rambly post. I’ve actually felt so guilty for not posting anything haha. I have a couple of reviews to write out and I’m hoping I can just slot back into my Tues, Thurs, Sat posting schedule, fingers crossed!

Thanks and happy reading!

Lea xx


6 thoughts on “Life Update #1

  1. hi!! i’ve been following your blog for a very short period of time, but I really love your unapologetic writing style. I hope you get better, and you get well soon!! Instagram has such a crappy algorithm, I don’t have a professional account, just a stan account- and it messes up that as well! Once again, I hope you get well soon!! I enjoy reading all your posts!! Stay safe and have a nicee day<3

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    • Oh my gosh, what a lovely message 🥰 thank you so much! I’m already feeling tons better so hopefully I’ll continue to improve haha. The Instagram algorithm was truly the stuff of nightmares lol I hope you stay safe too and also have a wonderful day ❤️

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      • you too! I love your blog and it’s aesthetic, and I really aspire to write like you hehe… I hope your health continues to improve; bad health can be a nightmare:( Insta algorithms are the work of the devil lolol ❤

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